Garbage Patch Hero

Make Donation!

 Become a Garbage Patch Hero. With your Tax deductible gift you will be supporting OGP in continuing our efforts towards making the oceans plastic pollution free.

For any donation >$50 We will send you 2 OGP branded reusable totes (more than enough for all of your shopping needs) so you can just ‘Say no’ to plastic bags and help spread the OGP message.  

Any donation >$150 will receive a OGP T in addition to the totes.

Any donation >$300 will receive 2 OGP  Stainless Steel Bottles from Klean Kanteen (in addition to the totes and T shirt).

Any donation >$500 and your name will be listed on our gratuity page into perpetuity and will receive all of the $300 donation level gifts. 


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